Thursday, February 27, 2014

Barefoot with Shoes

I spent a lot of my Hawaii life barefoot with my toes in the sand. Life is simpler, more comfortable that way. And I'm all about comfort. So when I was received my first pair of shoes from Juils with a note that said "You know that feeling you get when you walk barefoot on the grass or in the sand? That's real.", I was pretty darn excited. Juils aren't ordinary shoes. They're all about comfort, like me. 

So besides being super comfortable, what's with the copper dots? "By placing copper dots in our shoes, these electrons are absorbed to cleanse your body of free radicals, just as if you were barefoot. Allowing you to stay truly connected and balanced." So essentially, wearing Juils is just as beneficial as walking barefoot. Pretty cool, right?

Find out more and find your perfect pair of Juils at

What I'm wearing ---
Dress: Eden in Love
Necklace: Eden in Love
Belt: Eden in Love
Bracelet: ℅ Ettika
Shoes: ℅ Juil


Helena Oops said...

Beautiful post!
Nice shoes!Even if I live in Tunisia we are still freezing (lol)I can t wait to buy some lovely shoes like yours for the spring, and the summer...
Have a nice weekend!

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